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Recruiting : Electrician.

I’m looking for a Skilled and qualified Electrician to join me as part of my business, Bright Spark Electrical Services

My electrical business operates across Kent, Sussex & Surrey. Right now, we are a fairly small operation, but my plan is to continue to grow the Business in 2016 and beyond. This means that I need to bring in an expert electrician with the right attitude so that our customers get the great service they are used to.

I want Bright Spark Electrical Services customers to be over the moon with what we are offering them.

Most electricians say they offer good customer service but at Bright Spark Electrical Services, our customer testimonials PROVE that we do.

There is never a quiet day at Bright Spark Electrical Services! There is always something going on.

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It goes without saying that if you apply for this position then you will need the correct professional qualifications to be considered. However, we only want to work with people that we like and who “get” what we are trying to achieve in our business.
You will be enthusiastic, organised, patient, polite and have top-notch customer service skills.
Our customers are the most important people in the world and you therefore need to be personable and likeable to them.
Oh, and lastly, if you can’t work on your own initiative, or you need constant direction, then this role probably isn’t for you.
As we are a small team at Bright Spark Electrical Services, there is a strong ethos of “mucking in.” Our customers come first and that means that we provide them with first class service on the phone or in person. You will never hear “It’s not my job” at Bright Spark Electrical Services HQ.
This is a brilliant role and fantastic opportunity for someone who is committed to achieving excellent results. As we grow, I anticipate that your role will grow with us.
“Sounds good” I hear you say to in your head “so what’s the catch?”
The catch is that we need someone that really meets our needs. We need someone who can pick up the role quickly and efficiently. You will need to be flexible and you will need to bring your A-Game to work every day.
“What’s the package?” Truth is that we are flexible and fair. We will agree a package which reflects your skills and experience.
Get in touch and tell us why you are the person we are looking for. We expect that there will be a high number of applicants for this position, so please make your application as eye catching as you can.
Video’s applications will be preferable as this shows you are different to all the others out there. And this is the kind of thing we do at Bright Spark Electrical Services.
Be different and not like the other electrical contractors out there.
Please Direct Message me on my Mobile.
Or contact me on my Private recruitment phone number 01892 598818 – the Calls only come to my Phone so no one will speak with you , apart from me!
The Future is Bright, its Bright Spark Electrical!

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